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Aug 06, 2015


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We will like to appreciate the kind donation and support from the Congleton United Reformed Church, The church through Margaret Bourner and Alex have since two years helped to build a midwife clicnic in the Zolzugu community of Tamale.

Donated Education Materials

Donated Education Materials

Congleton United Reformed Church

Congleton United Reformed Church

Zolzugu is a village under Tamale in the Northern Region of Ghana. The Northern Region is the largest of ten regions covering an area of 70,384 square kilometers or 31 percent of Ghana’s area. Northern Region is divided into 20 districts. The Northern Region’s capital is Tamale. More than 75% of the economically active population are agricultural. The low population density is partly caused by emigration and poverty. Access to health care in this region is very poor and thus the region records the highest maternal and infant mortality in the country, it is a daily practice to see women in labor mounted on bicycles or motorbikes traveling miles just to get access to basic health care or delivery.

Every year 340,000 women die during pregnancy and childbirth, mostly in sub-Saharan Africa. The vast majority of deaths could be prevented with better access to an ambulance and obstetric care. However, most women in rural Africa give birth at home, having limited access to transport, being unable to reach a suitably equipped health facility in case of an emergency.

It is the hope of Drive Aid to help save our mothers and babies through the small midwife clinic projects, this project aims to build small local structures equipped with basic health care needs specially tailored for delivery of babies and care of pregnant women before and after birth, this clinics will engage the services of Local midwifes existing in the local communities and equip them with extra hygienic training and resource to carry out their duties in a more humane environments which are properly maintain and remains a property of the community. This will promote the sustainable local methods of delivery and make it accessible

Please emails us if you are interested in any way

Once again a grand “God Bless you!” to the church at Congleton, Margaret, Marion and Alex, your visit to us is a memory we will forever treasure!

The church donated 2200 Euros in cash, educational materials and delightful set of custom made cuddly bear dolls, the donation was made on behalf of the church by Mrs Margaret Bourner , Mrs Marion McGuinness and Alex Bourner in a visit to the Director of Drive Aid Ghana in Rotterdam

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