Approximately 4,000 Ghanaian children die each year from diarrhea, even more die from pneumonia, and about 23% of Ghanaian children suffer from stunting (chronic malnutrition linked to poor water and sanitation). Five million Ghanaians still use water from unsafe sources.

Most rural communities in northern Ghana do not have access to clean drinking water, some have boreholes that barely produce water due to the geographic location, and for others the borehole water is unusable due to water hardness

The quest to find a lasting solution is ongoing by many NGO’s and government agencies, as a nonprofit that seeks to better improve the living standards of the people we serve, it is our desire to help in this fight in improving access to clean water for the local people

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Below you would find highlights of some drinking water that we found in some communities. How can you help? We would love to partner for a lasting solution.

Most children in rural poor communities drink such water on daily bases

Imagine the health implications