All the members of Drive Aid Ghana multidisciplinary team are passionate about sustainable development and are determined to bring about change. Mostly people who have lived and worked in Ghana and understands the complexities of the Ghanaian culture. Our partners play a vital role in the development process and have a strong network both to the private and public sector. Together we seek to make the world a better place by contributing our daily quota in helping those in need. You can be part of us too.

Ghana Field Team

Clement Matorwmasen

Femke Akkermans

Cudjoe Matorwmasen

International Coordinators/Ambassadors

Our Coordinators/Ambassadors are people who represent Drive Aid Ghana and are willing to go the extra mile to organize volunteers, activities, fund raising, online and offline support for the promotion of our activities in Ghana. we are privilege to have them represent us.

Johanna Schreiber (Germany)

Maja Van Ham-Haentjens Dekker (NL)

Wouter Akkermans (Netherlands)

Jeanine Scheffert (USA)

Becca Strober (Isreal)

Catti Lee (Hong Kong)

Alwin Yeung (Hong Kong)

Lilian Burghardt (Germany)

Amashung Isaac (China)

Bridget Nse Addo (Ghana)

Bismark Agyane (Ghana)

Partners And Supporters

New Life Christian Fellowship (NL)

New Life College (Ghana)

The Bible Society of Ghana

Non Formal Education Division Ghana

Esinam Life Care Foundation


Martha Inspires Foundation