We have a holistic view on community development. We believe that just the creation of jobs or only focusing on health is simply not enough to have a real impact on poverty reduction.

We strongly believe that the only sustainable basis for community development lies in (at least partial) for-profit private entrepreneurship. Too often we have seen NGO’s, both foreign and local, come in with grand ideas and promises to make a change. But experience has taught us that most projects collapse due to lack of ownership by the local community, short-term thinking, inconsistent funding and even corruption. Our business model gives an alternative and better solution.

Do you know that when you make a donation of USD 100 to an average NGO (good cause) 60 USD is used for administration and only 40 USD will actually benefit the project you intended it for?

Do you know that when you invest USD 100 in our social enterprise now to help us expand, will result in USD 500 being invested in community development projects in 2021? That is a FIVE-FOLD of your one-time investment EACH YEAR!

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Email us for further details on the above: info@greengoldghana.com