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We constantly appreciate our coordinators who go beyond their busy schedules to make time and resource to raise funds, volunteers and resources for the promotion of smiles in Africa. This month we are privileged and honored to our German coordinators: Johanna Schreiber and Lilian Burghardt, who used the occasion of the ‪semester initially devotion in […]

The orphanage story worldwide is not necessary a pretty one, for Africa and for that matter Ghana, it is a cacophony of unimaginable confusion between well-wishers, philanthropist and the social welfare system As a previous administrator of an orphanage for two years and a philanthropist myself this is an endless battle between several conflict of […]

he main questions addressed in this Operations Evaluation Department (OED) study are: (1) what has happened to educational outputs (school attendance and learning); (2) what are the main determinants of those outputs; (3) which educational interventions have the largest and most cost effective impact on educational outputs; (4) to what extent have Bank-supported activities promoted […]

Educating rural poor children to learn basic reading and writing Drive Aid Ghana is helping Empower young children and adults in rural poor communities in the northern part of Ghana, through education we are giving a second chance to these children to learn basic reading and writing. Interested in supporting or volunteering with us? Contact […]

The Operations Evaluation Department’s impact evaluation of World Bank support to basic education in Ghana presents new evidence clearly demonstrating improvements in the quality of education over the last fifteen years. More children are attending school, drop out rates are falling, and learning outcomes have improved. These improvements can be directly attributed to investments in […]