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Welcome to Drive Aid Ghana, a registered nonprofit organization serving with love and smiles! We work together with local communities, volunteers/interns and other development organizations to improve the quality of life and empower the local people especially Children in northern Ghana

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Who are we?

Drive Aid Ghana was founded in 2009 by a Ghanaian-Dutch couple living in Ghana, as a social entrepreneur and medical doctor respectively, our desire is to see smiles and a positive change in the lives of everyday Ghanaian. As a registered nonprofit since 2010, we have worked and served over 500 unreached and deprived people in 10 communities in Ghana, most of them orphaned or needy children.

What we do?

Our approach is to develop sustainable means of fighting poverty, over the years we have been engaged in the promotion and production of Moringa Oliefera (a high in nutrients plant) as a nutritional supplement for malnourished children and provision of basic education in rural poor communities. We on daily bases work together with volunteers to share in the joys and sorrows of the African people and will continue to do so, our hope is that through this website we get to highlight some of the projects and events we feel needs your attention and guide you in the process of getting involved.

It is obvious that we cannot solve all the problems in and around our target communities alone and that’s why we want you to get involved as a volunteer, donor or well-wisher, nothing is ever too little to do, praying and wishing us well has always proven to work and help us survive the daily struggles knowing someone like you cares.

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The Matorwmasen Family lives and work in Ghana for over 7 years, Clement is a Social Entrepreneur/IT expert and consultant. Femke works us a Lecturer at the University for development Studies and a medical doctor at the Tamale Teaching Hospital.

“Our deepest desire is that children in rural poor communities can share in the same opportunities and freedom as our children and the smiles that comes with it”

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We give you the option not only to help but also share in the joy and smiles that comes with the African spirit, get involved as a volunteer local or international – basic requirement is the ability to read and write in English.

It is better experienced than told, contact us and join the experience now


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